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The Sobriety Collective is a living, breathing community of creatives living a substance-free life (either self-identifying as in recovery from substance use disorder and/or mental health concerns, sober-curious, or straight-edge, etc.), making contributions in music, film, writing, fashion, technology, beauty, business, comedy, photography/art, philanthropy, education, fitness, yoga, + more.

We started The Sobriety Collective initially to offer people in recovery an alternative to 12-step program literature, websites, and rhetoric. It’s since morphed into a recovery hub where readers can shop, read profiles of sober creatives making an impact on their (and the) world, browse through hundreds of blogs/podcasts/resources - and find the help these readers and their families may desperately need.

Our philosophy on recovery - because as our She Recovers sisters claim, “We’re all recovering from something” - is that we can create our own. We can have a diverse recovery/wellness menu that can include a yoga practice, therapy, books, micro and macro communities of like-minded people, fitness, self-care, journaling, medications and supplements, and more.

We’re so glad you’re here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.