Episode 7

Hey yo.  I'm back!  After a brief hiatus of only like a month and a half (hahaha--not so brief), I return with a Very Special Episode.  The first 7ish minutes are me giving an update on the usual suspects: mental health (Let's Get Mental) and my life (Dear Diary).  But honest to god, the best part and really, the PIECE DE RESISTANCE is my interview with Chris Aguirre, father of the Recovery Revolution (dot online).  

Take a listen after you take a gander at the lurve-ly photos below.

Creative Collective never sounded better ♫.  


Episode 6

It's been such a long time since I've updated this section of the website that admittedly, I need to re-listen to the episode to give you a proper synopsis.  That being said, we'll call this THE SELF CARE EPISODE.  No guest on this one, just yours truly.  Probably serenading you with a karaoke version of Cupid (props to mah man, Sam Cooke♫!).  Yeah, I believe this is the episode I recorded the day after Valentine's Day.  So we go with the theme of loving yourself, just as much, if not more so, than you love others.  Loving others helps us love ourselves and loving ourselves helps us love others.  I mean, that's my opinion anyway, and I'm sticking to it ;)

 Happy Listening! 

Episode 5

Episode 1- An Introduction (8).jpg

Welcome to yet another stream of consciousness episode of Bad Story, where your hostess with the mostess waxes poetic (and snort laughly) about a variety of topics, with dings in between each signaling it's time to move on...

1) Let's Get Mental - major shout out to Mark Freeman (@thepathtochange), OCD conquerer and mental wellness coach.  Get his Mental Fitness 101 course for 1/2 off!   Also, mad (pun actually not intended) props to Stuart Ralph and The OCD Stories.

2)  Dear Diary - I don't even remember what I harped on about.  I think (?) it was about an upcoming meetup group, the holidays, and being more and more OK about my breakup.  In fact, as I write this today, I have love for my ex as a true and dear friend but realize that my heart is healing very, very quickly.  This is a great and beautiful thing!

3) My Top 5 - aka your top five tools for a happy recovery.  Thanks to Mark, Ritchie (@rockpapersober) and Buddy for their submissions to badstorypod@gmail.com.  

LADIES: I NEED YOU!  Write in with a quick lil' list and be featured on the next ep.

4) Creative Collective - lucky you, Laura aka me aka I is/am (this is getting too meta) your guest tonight. I talk about my creative process, why creativity is important to me, and make you suffer through play for you a little ditty (Only You, by The Platters), mostly unpracticed, with my standard laughs and off pitch ACKS and general interjections/shenanigans.

Episode 4

| moving |

1. capable of or having movement
2. involved in changing the location of possessions, a residence
3. actuating, instigating, or impelling
4. stirring or evoking strong feelings or emotions, especially touchingly


1) Let's Get Mental: Shoutouts to Mark Freeman, The OCD Stories, Stuart Ralph.

2) Dear Diary: Breakup, moving, all the feelings.

3) Creative Collective: ME.

4) Top 5 Happy Tools (in #recovery): featuring Jane.  Email badstorypod@gmail.com to be featured on future episodes!  

Episode 3

Back and badder than ever with my very first Creative Collective guest segment!  Mr. Aaron Lee Perry, a massively talented young gent from Bourbonville, Kentucky.  This won't be the last time yours truly brings on a guest to talk about his or her creativity and recovery.

Follow Aaron on Twitter, Instagram, and shop his designs so you can be sexy like me, er, him, er us.  
Yeah, US! 

Also, apologies for the crummy audio editing.  I'm still shopping around for good podcast "interview" apps, aka ways to record phone conversations that won't sound like one or both parties are in echo chambers.  

Thoughts?  Comment below.

Episode 2

Episode 1- An Introduction (3).jpg

This episode was recorded before but released after #UnitetoFaceAddiction on October 4 in DC.  So it's totally like a time machine/time capsule/blast from the past in the present (or future...or now, past.  This is getting too meta and frankly,  now even I'm confused!)

Also, the totally exciting part of this episode is that you hear the new intro.  See credits below.



<---  Intro: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / The Smiths / Performed by Laura (ME!!) 






<--- Outro: Performed by The Smiths

Episode 1

From my (PROUD) Podcast Papa Bear, Chris

 Your hostess with the mostest.

Your hostess with the mostest.


Meet Laura—founder of The Sobriety Collective.com—and your host. In this premiere episode of Bad Story Laura explains the origin of the pod's name, and introduces you to the (loose?) [Editor's note: VERY LOOSE!] format she'll follow: four five-minute segments examining the facets of recovery that mean the most to her: Mental health, Family, Creativity, Community.