Episode 5

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Welcome to yet another stream of consciousness episode of Bad Story, where your hostess with the mostess waxes poetic (and snort laughly) about a variety of topics, with dings in between each signaling it's time to move on...

1) Let's Get Mental - major shout out to Mark Freeman (@thepathtochange), OCD conquerer and mental wellness coach.  Get his Mental Fitness 101 course for 1/2 off!   Also, mad (pun actually not intended) props to Stuart Ralph and The OCD Stories.

2)  Dear Diary - I don't even remember what I harped on about.  I think (?) it was about an upcoming meetup group, the holidays, and being more and more OK about my breakup.  In fact, as I write this today, I have love for my ex as a true and dear friend but realize that my heart is healing very, very quickly.  This is a great and beautiful thing!

3) My Top 5 - aka your top five tools for a happy recovery.  Thanks to Mark, Ritchie (@rockpapersober) and Buddy for their submissions to badstorypod@gmail.com.  

LADIES: I NEED YOU!  Write in with a quick lil' list and be featured on the next ep.

4) Creative Collective - lucky you, Laura aka me aka I is/am (this is getting too meta) your guest tonight. I talk about my creative process, why creativity is important to me, and make you suffer through play for you a little ditty (Only You, by The Platters), mostly unpracticed, with my standard laughs and off pitch ACKS and general interjections/shenanigans.