I wanted to write a recap of UNITE to Face Addiction and the love fest I shared with my #recoveryposse.  I wanted to post photos from my photo shoot with my dear friend Serena of Creative Ideation.  I wanted to be consistent with my new podcast, Bad Story

But life happens. 

And right now, I'm going through some changes.   Some heartbreaking ones.  I trust that everything will work out.  The uncertainty is both exciting and anxiety-inducing.  

So I'll get back on the horse (niiii).  Very, very soon.  But I need to be gentle with myself and take things one day at a time (see?  it's not just for booze/drugs--it's for life!). 

In the meantime, feast thine eyes upon my new logos, designed by Chris Aguirre of KLENandSOBR/Since Right Now.  Thank you, Chris.

In case you're not Facebook friends with me (*gasp! for shame!*), here are a couple of shots from my photo shoot with Serena.  Pro and edgy, cuz I can be both.

That's all for now, folks.  

I'll be back....