New Feature on TSC: NPOTM™!



Non Profit of the Month!

The Sobriety Collective is proud to bring you a brand new feature.  Every month, Laura, the mysterious, beautiful, and loaded with recovery webmistress of TSC will bring you a non profit of her choosing where you can flex your charitable donation muscles!

November 2015's NPOTM™ is Facing Addiction!  This new recovery giant brought our greater community the inaugural #UNITEtoFaceAddiction event on October 4, 2015, a concert/rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. where thousands converged to celebrate recovery and advocate for drug policy change.

[Disclaimer: No one is paying Laura to "pimp them out."  Yout TSC gal pal will choose non profits, large and small, that exemplify what it means to give back to the recovery community.  She will not be pocketing a dime of any of your funds--the button you click on goes straight to the website of the non profit du jour.  Nor will she be paid in "affiliate clicks," whatever the hell that means.  Also, no animals harmed in the making of this PSA.]