Sobriety: The Graphic Novel--GIVEAWAY ALERT!

Alright, my lovelies.  It's giveaway time!  

Mr. Daniel Maurer, known by most as DanTheStoryMan, has most graciously bestowed upon me TWO--yes, TWO!--copies of his rockin' graphic novel called SOBRIETY.

Everyone, meet Dan..

So, I want to give two lucky readers a copy of this awesome graphic novel, about four totally different people coming together through the rooms of a 12-step program.  Here at The Sobriety Collective, we celebrate all forms of recovery and sobriety.  12-step?  Sure.  SMART Recovery?  Absolutely.  Do it on your own? Get some off-the-beaten track help with Miss Holly of Hip Sobriety?  A combination of all/any/none of the above?  


Posing with said piece of literature ;)  Yes, I look like I'm 16.  But in reality?  Double that.  Sobriety = best antiaging "product" ever.

Read the book, keep it on your bookshelf--OR, share it with the local library, your nearest 12-step meeting, a homeless shelter, jail, or sober friend.  

Just pass the message on.

The rules: 

Comment to this post with the following nuggets:

1) Why does sobriety rock for you?  

2) Future ideas for The Sobriety Collective, including YOUR STORY!  Yes, we love to talk about ourselves.  *Winky face*

Please send your sober friends the link to this here site (Twitter and/or FB too, because hey, why the hell not!) because sharing is caring.  TRUE STORY.

My two favorite answers will be announced Friday, 5/1.

(sometime in the late morning/early afternoon).

I have the Avon 39: Walk to End Breast Cancer in DC this weekend, so your book won't be mailed until next week.

Sound good? 

 And GO.