#SheRecoversNYC: The Speakers

We made history. 

Last weekend (May 5-7), over 500 women in recovery from all over the world joined together to celebrate our individual and collective recovery journeys. Dawn Nickel and Taryn Strong, mother and daughter brains behind She Recovers and their gorgeous powerhouse of a team (Annie McCollough, Dara Meyer, Payton Kennedy) planned and executed a truly phenomenal event. I'm still processing so there's really no way I can condense EVERYTHING into one post. Which is why I'm starting with my favorite nuggets from each of the keynotes (aka The Speakers). Stay tuned for the rest of the series: The Experience; The Connections; The Takeaways; What's Next?).



Glennon Doyle Melton

Sobriety is my faith.

On doing the next right thing: It's like a frickin' yellow brick road lighting up all the way home.

Sobriety is sanity. Sanity is stillness.

Within the pain, the riches lie.


Gabby Bernstein

Do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness.

Accept the invitation to be a light worker.

We can let God in in many unique ways.

I am magnificent, I am brave, I am a light worker.

You don't have to run by serving.

God works through the Internet!


Elizabeth Vargas

It's tremendously empowering to share our deepest, darkest secrets.

If you're beating yourself up every day, you're never going to build yourself up.

I drank to feel how other people looked.

Self care! Doesn't mean you're eating bon bons and getting manicures all day long but self care isn't indulgent - it's necessary.

Ego isn't necessarily our amigo.

Tell the whole story.


Marianne Williamson

The body has an immune system and so does the psyche.

Get back down in order to get back up.

What do we learn from our recovery to help the world recover?

If enough of us learn from our own Armageddons to get to the wisdom on the other side, we won't need a collective Armageddon.

If it's a public issue, it *will* get to your private door.

Once you know, you can't unknow.