It's been a long time (since I blogged 'n rolled ♫)

The blog still exists!  I still exist!  Actually, most of you know that already.  I'm pretty damn active on the Twitterverse.  But due to some changes in my work, I have a lot less time to devote to blogging/site updates/etc.  

Who am I, by the way, for you noobs?  I'm Laura, founder of this magnificent lil' nook on the web.  But, oh, there's more.  And you can find out here!

So, my goal this weekend is to get at least one story up (hopefully two!) and share some potentially exciting news.  Not to mention get out the second edition of The Sobriety Scoop!

Poll: who's going to DC next month for UNITE to Face Addiction?  Comment below.  

And stay tuned for more Sobriety Collective goodies.  You know you wanna.