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Dave: "Sober Coach One"

Meet Dave.  A self-described "man on a mission," Dave's mission in life is to help others suffering from alcohol abuse/alcoholism.

Why?  Because he went through it himself.   He runs Sober Coach One, his online vessel for helping others .  No doubt some of you have already made Dave's e-quaintance, probably on Twitter (@sobercoachone).  If not, you better follow that guy because he's going places!  One last interesting tidbit: he offers unique advertising packages on his site for other sober bloggers, rehabs, etc. (he didn't pay me to say that either, for that matter).  Apparently Dave's got quite the readership so I feel pretty darn lucky to feature him.

Without further adieu, I'll let the man himself take it away...

Hello; my name is Dave. A Man on a Mission might best describe me.

After struggling for 27 years with alcohol abuse, I found freedom. I am compelled to share my insights, thoughts, and ideas with the hopes of helping others. My journey to sobriety has been anything but easy, but I eventually found freedom from alcohol. Along this journey I have also had the pleasure to meet some amazing people! Amazingly sober people who struggled with alcohol similar to me. I wasn’t alone. Unfortunately I have also grown to understand that there are literally millions of people “out there” struggling with alcohol and don’t know where to turn for help. I was one of them! That’s when I came up with the idea to create this web site; called Sober Coach One ( to help people who are struggling with alcohol; and the families. Sober Coach One is a supportive, private, confidential and safe place to get more information about alcohol abuse and how to quit drinking alcohol. 

My personal story is similar to most others who are struggling with alcohol. I couldn’t live with alcohol and couldn’t live without alcohol. And the more I drank the more bankrupt I felt inside. There wasn’t enough alcohol in the world to fill the gaping hole inside me. I pretended all was well in my life while secretly drinking to oblivion most of the time. When I’d sober up with a pounding hangover I would mentally beat myself up with painful shame, guilt, and remorse. I felt depressed, fearful, and anxious most of the time. I was in huge denial!

After 27 years of struggling with alcohol I have found freedom. Something I thought was impossible. In fact, for most people struggling with alcohol, the stats tell us only a few remain sober beyond 90 days. I was certainly part of those dismal stats for 27 years. I am sober today and thank God for that. I realized quitting drinking alcohol was only the tip of the iceberg. My alcohol abuse was a symptom of deeper rooted problems. Not dealing with these deeper rooted problems kept me looking for the bottle, even after many promises to stop drinking. I simply didn’t know how to cope with life without alcohol. Everything I did was somehow connected to drinking alcohol, even the good things.

Willpower was not enough to overcome my addiction to alcohol. It took time, tools, support and simple daily practices. I share some amazing information on my blog from people who have found freedom from alcohol. These are the things that will help you stay and live a sober life. It has worked for me.

My mission is to help people find freedom from alcohol. I would love to hear from you. I will actually answer your email personally if you send me a note. If you need some help finding resources or support, please let me know

Have a Sober Day!