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The Sobriety Collective (noun):  a community of amazing, wonderful, positive, real, gritty, creative SOBER people.  Talking about what they do/who they are/their story.  No affiliation to any program is required, but it's not shunned either.  There are multiple ways of getting and staying sober, so who am I to tell you any one way is better than the other?  I just know what works for me.

I want to feature your stories--how you got sober and what sobriety means to you.  Does it mean traveling the world?  Starting a business?  Practicing yoga?  Enjoying nature?  Being present?   Embracing fitness? Enjoying life hangover-free?  Helping others?  Feeling inspired?  Cherishing relationships?  

I also envision a lively discussion.  This is your chance to weigh in on *your* experience. Write a guest post.  Tell your story.  Comment, comment, comment.  Be who you are in all your glory.

We. Are. Sober.