Humbled and Amazed--and I *will* make mistakes along the way.

Up until last week, I kid you not, I had ZERO idea that there even existed a #RecoveryFriendlyWeb.


I always thought it was AA or the highway.

If you weren't a part of the fellowship*, then there were no alternatives for you.  It was be sober with AA or be sober alone--but no one will recognize your sobriety.  First of all, I shouldn't care what anyone thinks as long as I'm proud of my path in sobriety.  

Secondly, I never thought to search on the vastness of the Interwebz for other sober people from all walks of life, being awesome in their own unique ways.  

*There is *one* meeting I still love to bits where I'm always welcomed back--I'll go there to pick up my 8 year chip in July.  One of the guys there looks like Santa Claus--yes!--and no matter how much time passes, he gives me a giant, welcoming bear hug.  <3 <3)

I will make mistakes.  I may offend you.  I'm new to all of this.


Thank you for welcoming me into this raw and brilliant community.  I'm humbled to be a part of it all--and finally feeling passion and inspiration. 

That passion and inspiration? Turns out, it was in front of me all along.

Taken the day &nbsp;I got inked.; totally raw &amp; red.

Taken the day  I got inked.; totally raw & red.