sober voices

Sobriety *is* everywhere!

When I first started TSC (

the sobriety collective

[lowercase, i know--artfully done a la e.e. cummings) oh so many days ago

, I was coming from a place of wanting and NEEDING to connect with other sober people.  Especially folks who have different perspectives on what it takes to get and stay sober.  In all honesty, I felt like the only person who just didn't get the 12-step mentality.  And trust me, I will *always* be grateful for the responsibility statement because it's there for people who need it, and I may be one of those people down the road (and *have* been before).  But I wasn't seeing voices and perspectives like mine....UNTIL NOW.

I'm overwhelmed by the amazing, individual, rock solid voices

I'm encountering on the Sobriety Internets, if you will.  And people with stories from 12-step communities are are part of that collection of voices because everyone's recovery is their own.  Our shared experience as sober folk navigating a world of booze booze drugs booze booze [insert vice of choice here] is unified--but every single one of you *does* have something unique to offer, because no one in the world is you, other than YOU.  Yes, dammit, we *are* SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES.

Hip Sobriety

Klen & Sober

Dan the Story Man

Adventures of a Sober Senorita

I Fly at Night

Just a few examples of who/what I've found...just this week alone.

I'm overwhelmed by gratitude and positivity and love and sobriety and life and love and all that new age-y stuff because it effing rocks.