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how does this apply to you?

Read on for the totally non-legalese ways you may or may not be impacted by GDPR - the EU's general data policy regulations (effective 5.25.18)

  • WEB HOST: Apparently Squarespace (my web host) collects cookies. You probably already saw that little banner that you X'ed out of - but that was up there for compliance. They've also done a lot to prepare for GDPR - read more here.
  • MAILING LIST: I use a third-party for my mailing list - Mailchimp. They're completely GDPR compliant now because they have loads of EU customers. So if you've signed up for The Sobriety Scoop (via Mailchimp) in the past, you'll continue receiving it because it's awesome and so are you. You won't have to click a thing.
    • Unless you don't want to - I'll shed a tear or two but I completely get it - I receive a bajillion emails a day too (if that's the case, there'll always be an unsubscribe option in every single sporadic Sobriety Scoop that you receive).