Re(Pro) #12: Brandon Damm

I discovered Brandon through Instagram (I think?) and he's a breath of fresh air.  Creative, passionate, and a family man--Brandon shows us that it's OK to challenge our old notions of what recovery means.  I'm so happy we're in the same #tribe.

xo, Laura

Name: Brandon Damm

Age: 29

Location: Springfield, IL    

 Recovery date (turning point for mental illness or addiction): 2.22.16

Creative niche (art, music, writing, entrepreneurship, etc.): Writer, Speaker, Artist

Drug of choice (or not of choice...): 
Used to be a fan of craft beer…now Sobriety is my drug of choice.

Recovery Story in a Nutshell:
I never was the daily drinker. Just the occasional jackass drinker. The kind that would drink too much, say things I shouldn’t say, post things I shouldn’t post, text people I shouldn’t text. I would be dry for a month or two then think, “I’ve got this. I can do the moderation thing.” I could do the couple of drinks limit a time or two. Then I’d go out with buddies to watch a ball game or be at a party or cookout and eventually I’d cross the line. This pattern occurred too many times between my teen years and late twenties. In fear of eventually losing my relationships, friends, or driver’s license…I finally decided to call it quits for good in early 2016. One is too much and one more is never enough. It just isn’t worth it.

Top 5 Recovery Tools:

  1. When removing something negative from your life, always replace it with something positive.
  2. Self-care is not selfish. It’s hard to be beneficial to others when you are running on empty. Fill yourself up!
  3. Recovery is not just a doctrine or program. It’s holistic. Mind, body, and spirit. Take care of your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.
  4. Reward yourself for accomplishments. (with good things obviously). Go on a walk. Listen to your favorite song. Buy a new yoga mat. Make a healthy smoothie. (a small piece of chocolate won’t break the bank every once in awhile either.)
  5. Surround yourself with people that give off good vibes. Negative complainers and partiers will only tempt you to pick up the bottle or take that drug. Create your own good vibe tribe. Be patient in your transition to a new crowd.


Connect with Brandon.
Instagram: @brandondoeslife
Tumblr: brandondoeslife