Re(Pro) #4: Daniel Maurer

Dan was one of the first people I met on the #RecoveryFriendlyWeb--and it's people like him who make up this fantastic, eclectic, and inspiring place.  He shared my story not even two weeks after the birth of The Sobriety Collective and I remember feeling OVER THE MOON.  In many ways, I see myself in him; in others, he's totally unique.  Dan is a fantastic writer with a warm soul and I'm so blessed to call him a friend.
xoxo, Laura

Name: Daniel Maurer

Age: 45

Location: St. Paul, MN

Sobriety date: March 1, 2011

Creative niche (art, music, writing, entrepreneurship, etc.):
Oh my! I suppose #1 is writing, since I do that professionally. However, I've recently ventured into managing a couple of other websites for another business. I was surprise to discover how much I enjoy the business aspects of that work. Translate: it's a nice break from constant creativity!

Drug of choice (or not of choice...): Opiates

Recovery story in a nutshell:
Learning to live into becoming an authentic human being.

Top 5 tools for happy/well-balanced recovery (from addiction, mental illness, etc.):
1) Sleep; 2) Exercise; 3) Reading; 4) Meetings; 5) Family.

Connect with Dan.
Twitter: @danthestoryman
Facebook: /TransformationIsReal
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