Re(Pro) #53: Megan Peters

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Get ready for lovely human and face behind Crazy Bananas: Megan Peters - photographer, writer, podcaster, mama, wife, and adorable gal about town. This woman has a well of patience, by the way - I originally was going to post her feature last year and you know, life happened. So here we are again, with updated info and another year of sobriety under her belt.

*Have you seen
@club_mental, a #mentalhealth community on Instagram run by Amy Keller Laird, former editor in chief of Women’s Health and the logo is a banana. I always think of the two of these lovely ladies now - Megan and Amy - when I think of BANANAS.

Name: Megan Peters

Age: 36

Location: Kansas City, MO

Recovery date: 4/16/2013

Creative niche: Photographer and writer (Editor’s note: and podcaster!)

If applicable to your story, drug of choice:
Alcohol (also suffered from co-dependency and perfectionism)

Recovery story in a nutshell:

In a nutshell? Well, I'll do my best!


I was always a perfectionist, so when I found alcohol at 15-years-old, it felt like a huge relief. I had spent most of my childhood and early teenage years trying to do everything right, which was exhausting and extremely stressful. I was a straight A student, athlete, community leader and more...and I was anxious and wired all of the time. Alcohol seemed to let me relax.

But from the very first time, I always drank to get drunk. I was constantly chasing a buzz that was very difficult to hold on to (drunk enough to feel fun and let loose, but not so drunk I couldn't walk). I had many slips and falls throughout high school and college, but I explained them away because I felt that my drinking was "normal" for my age. But when I got unexpectedly pregnant at 22, my life changed drastically.

I ended up getting married to the father (and we're still happily married, almost 12 years later!) and overnight became a wife and a mother. I also worked full time to support our family, and while motherhood initially seemed to lessen the grip alcohol had on me, slowly I began finding my solace in a glass (or two...or five) of wine at night. After my second child was born, my drinking quickly escalated, although now I mostly drank alone, at night, after my family was asleep.

Happy 5 years, Megan!

Happy 5 years, Megan!

I was (again) trying to show the world that I could do it the perfect mom and wife, and grow a career. I was exhausted, depressed and had zero tools to cope. After about two years of worrying about my drinking and wanting to stop, I finally quit for good more than five years ago.

The biggest thing I did was reach out to others. I found an online community and read a million sober blogs. I read memoirs and went to 12-step meetings. I did yoga. I found an addiction counselor. I found people in recovery that had what I wanted, and asked them how they got there. Then I'd try least once!

Today my recovery mostly relies on my online community, exercise, meditation and healthy eating. Tomorrow I may need something else! But I definitely try to stay in the day at a time!

Top 5 Recovery Tools:

1. My online sober community/sisterhood

2. Exercise

3. Meditation

4. Reading sober memoirs and blogs

5. Sleep!

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