Re(Pro) #10: Owen Bowness

Totally embarrassed that I forgot to write Owen an intro.  Suffice it to say, he needs no introduction.  Muay thai boxer, podcaster, and dapper (#SOBER) man about town.  I give you, Owen Bowness.

Name: Owen Bowness

Age: 34

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Recovery date (turning point for mental illness or addiction): 9/27/2007

Creative niche (art, music, writing, entrepreneurship, etc.):
I am a comedian (since 2002); I am a podcaster; I am a Thai Boxer and  jiu jitsu player.

If applicable, drug of choice (or not choice…):
Alcohol and cocaine were the most problematic but I tried a long list of drugs from psychedelics (which were fun) and Oxy’s (which were not). 

Recovery story in a nutshell

Drinking and drugs became a problem while in college. I managed to limp through school and “earn” a degree and my drinking and drug use skyrocketed between 2004-2007. I was fired several times, lost quite a few friends, limited family interaction, couldn’t pay bills and basically could not take care of myself. Sobered up in 2007 after outpatient rehab and joining Alcoholics Anonymous. I was an enthusiastic member of the fellowship completing the steps, participating in a home group and taking service commitments including sponsorship. I have since moved on from AA as I no longer find the meetings helpful and I disagree with many tenets of the program. I maintain my spiritual condition through healthy, active lifestyle, creative and physical outlets, and a consistent meditation practice.  

Top 5 Recovery Tools:

Martial arts (#1 muay thai and #2 jiu jitsu), #3 meditation, creative pursuits (#4 stand up comedy and #5 podcasting). These activities keep my life full and enjoyable. I overcame the obsession to drink and drug while participating in Alcoholics Anonymous. 


Connect with Owen.
Twitter: @obcomedy
Instagram: @owie_b
Facebook: /obcomedy
Podcast #1: Life Beyond Our Mildest Dreams
Podcast #2: Muay Thai Radio