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Re(Pro) #9: Tim Rabolt

It's such an honor to introduce you to Mr. Tim Rabolt.  I keep forgetting this guy is 10 years my junior (editor's note: OMG, I'm old) because he's so accomplished.  He didn't even include this in his profile, but Tim is the founder of George Washington University's Students for Recovery.  He founded it in his first year at GWU and is now a graduate student there, continuing his involvement with GW SFR.  Tim recently joined the staff of Altarum Institute, the group that is spearheading the #WeAreRecovery movement on social media.  Collegiate recovery--and youth recovery, in general--is getting BIG and it's Tim's generation that is carrying the message!  As Greg Williams might put it, Generation Found.  Without further ado, Tim.


Name: Tim Rabolt

Age: 23

Location: Alexandria, VA

Recovery date (turning point for mental illness or addiction):
April 10, 2011 

Creative niche (art, music, writing, entrepreneurship, advocacy, etc.):

Social media and the occasional blog*.
*For The Huffington Post, no less.  This man is clearly humble.

If applicable, drug of choice (or not choice...): Prescription pills 

Recovery story in a nutshell:
My recovery process started in high school at the age of 18. I was just done, no better way of putting it. Had amazing support from family and school administrators; mainly sought help through outpatient treatment. Moved down to DC for college, fought like hell to make it through freshman year but have met a lot of incredible people that made the process easier each of the past 5 years. Wouldn't have done it any other way.

Top 5 Recovery Tools:

1) Being of service to others
2) Family
3) Laughing, mostly from Reddit
4) Sports
5) The collegiate recovery movement