Re(Pro) #43: Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Name: Sarah Roberts

Age: 45

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Recovery date (turning point for addiction or mental illness): 7/31/2002

Creative niche: Writing, cooking, entrepreneurship

If applicable to your story, drug of choice: Alcohol

Recovery story in a nutshell:


I drank almost daily for over a decade and at the age of 29, I got a DUI and I felt like my entire life had just crumbled down around me. Everything I'd been holding onto was shattered in that moment, and I knew I had no choice but to completely change my life. I quit my job. I moved across the city. I abandoned relationships that weren't serving me and I grabbed on tighter to ones that were. I enrolled in Business school and I busted my ass to prove to myself and everyone else that I could actually do something with my life. I graduated Summa Cum Laude but when I started looking for jobs, my criminal record got in the way. It was humiliating but it also pushed me towards entrepreneurship.

I kept my addiction and my sobriety a secret. I told almost no one about the truth of my life. I hid it by saying that I was "into health and fitness, so I don't drink" and I went about getting "into health and fitness" through the food I ate, and through exercise and through sleep and meditation and yoga. Yet, I started using sugar in the same way I'd used alcohol---alone, in my room, with a tub of ice cream and a spoon. I knew that if I was going to be able to keep my secret, I'd have to learn strategies to combat my cravings, so I set out to learn as much as I could about the brain and cravings and nutrition and food-as-fuel, not as a numbing agent. I also knew I'd have to get to the root of my pain, as alcohol and sugar were simply the symptoms of the problem.

I held on to my secret for over a decade until I finally launched my blog and shared the truth in my first post called "The Decision." Health and wellness became my recovery pathway. For the first time, I really started to understand the body-mind connection, and I became awed by this amazing vessel that carries me through my life. I share what I've learned with others through my blog and my book and my online course and my coaching programs.

I couldn’t have expected my life to evolve the way it has since sharing it, but it has been nothing short of extraordinary.
— Sarah Roberts

I am now able to share openly about my life with others and I am also thrilled to be co-creating Sobriety Starts HERE, a website filled with video interviews of recovery badasses (like YOU, Laura!**) sharing their stories of redemption. It is a passion project that is quickly taking up more and more of my time as I love having these conversations with REAL people who have been there and can help others struggling. I'd love for you to check it out at

Thank you, Laura, for allowing me to share here.
Your work matters and I adore you! xo
[Editor's note: Thank YOU, Sarah. That means the world to me.]

** Here's my interview with Sarah on <3

Laura Silverman sits down with Sarah Roberts of Sobriety Starts HERE to share about her blog, The Sobriety Collective and more…

Top 5 Recovery Tools

1) Nourishing my body through food
2) Movement
3) Meditation
4) Regenerative sleep
5) Connecting with others in recovery.

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Re(Pro) #33: Griff Courtney

I met Griff almost a year ago at my current workplace - he was on his way out and I was on my way in, and he gave me a crash course in the basics of my job. Yet we connected as friends and stayed in touch - and now he's my personal trainer*.  Griff is The Ginger Hulk and he is living, breathing recovery.  

Because it's you vs. the person in the mirror.  


Repro 33 Griff Courtney

Name: Griff Courtney

Age: 28

Location: MoCo, MD

Recovery date: 5/1/2014

Creative niche: Bodybuilding, fitness, music

If applicable, drug of choice:
All in mass quantities at the same time


Recovery story in a nutshell: 
From age 16 to 23 I struggled with drug addiction. Growing up I was always very competitive, very smart/crafty and chased adrenaline. I took a hit of weed in high school, fell in love, and had $15,000 six months later. I was the best in sports earning a D-1 football scholarship and I was the best at drugs too, my life was awesome. My life was something like that out of Wolf of Wall Street, all while balancing school and football.

Eventually the fun times ended and I got kicked off the football team for an "antics and attitude problem". I struggled finding my identity as before it had been the athlete that partied. With no sports to keep me semi-busy and semi-focused I started using more and more and revolving my life around it. I was a dumbass and quit school with 112 out of 120 credits and moved to the beach in NC so I could get high, record music all night with my rapping buddy and sound engineer, and be in the sun all day. Again, this was awesome for a little while however the good times ended. I saw a whole lot of overdoses and arrests towards the end of my using career. I ignored every sign of drug addiction until I got arrested again, and then decided rehab MIGHT be worth it. All I wanted to do was stop getting arrested - I wanted to keep doing drugs and keep drinking.

On the way home from rehab I had a beer in the airport cuz drinking wasn't my problem, ya dig? I mean I never got any DUI's and drove my car blind drunk over 1,000 times so that's evidence. What alcohol did lead to was more drugs and after my second drug overdose and the removal of my left thyroid for medical reasons I decided it was a good time to get clean. I got clean for 1.5 years, put all my energy into work, family and fitness and it was a solid 1.5 years. Eventually I got cocky in my recovery and relapsed. I used for 3 days and spent almost $5k.

On the last night I was so fucked up that my bigazz passed out on my arm and luckily got woken up by my mom after only falling asleep for an hour or two. I had destroyed all the nerves in my arm and shoulder and lost function of my right arm. I only had range of motion at the elbow joint, my shoulder was dead. I cried everyday for 3 months, not knowing if I'd ever be able to return to the gym again. The doctors didn't know if I would ever recover or restore functionality of my arm. It was a scary 3 months.

I started physical therapy after 3 months and eventually fully healed and was able to lift again! I almost lost the one thing that brought me the most joy, training. This was God's way of smacking me in the face and saying " Yo GRIFF, COME ON MAN!" I completed my undergrad during my first stint in recovery and since my last relapsed I finished my Masters (MBA), launched my own personal training and online coaching company (Peak or Freak Fitness) and competed in multiple bodybuilding shows (physique and classic physique divisions).

Life is so much better without drugs and alcohol.

*See? &nbsp;Told you so.

*See?  Told you so.

Top 5 Recovery Tools:

1) Jesus

2) Lifting

3) Making Music

4) Laughing

5) Driving Fast

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Instagram: @peakorfreak