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Re(Pro) #17: Chris Aguirre

Father of The Recovery Revolution (dot online), Chris is a man who needs no real introduction.  
But lucky you, because I'm going to give one anyway. ;)
 You may know him as one of the voices behind the Since Right Now podcast, or the artist behind The Sobriety Collective's logo (and his own edgy website and logo), or The Man Who Recovered Using No Program And Is the Anti-Guru™, or the curator of Recovery Revelations and publisher of I've Never Done This Before by Claire Rudy Foster, or the man behind the SRN Podcast Network (that Bad Story is a part of...).  Get my drift?  


Epic Reunion of #Recovery Revolutionaries, L to R: Chris of  SRN ; Holly Whitaker of  Hip Sobriety  and co-host of  HOME Podcast ; Yours Truly of The Sobriety Collective; Laura McKowen of her  eponymous website ,  Six Mantras for Early Recovery , and co-host of  HOME Podcast ; Jeff and Matt of  SRN .

Epic Reunion of #Recovery Revolutionaries, L to R: Chris of SRN; Holly Whitaker of Hip Sobriety and co-host of HOME Podcast; Yours Truly of The Sobriety Collective; Laura McKowen of her eponymous website, Six Mantras for Early Recovery, and co-host of HOME Podcast; Jeff and Matt of SRN.


Name: Chris Aguirre

Age: 49.9

Location: Right Here.  

 Recovery date (turning point for mental illness or addiction): 9/1/1997*
*happy belated sober-versary, dude!

Creative niche (art, music, writing, entrepreneurship, etc.): All

Drug of choice (or not of choice...): 
Alcohol, cocaine, freebase, ecstasy.


Recovery Story in a Nutshell:
Good, bad, worst, worse, better, best.

Top 5 Recovery Tools:
Hammer, vice grip, awl, carpet knife, blender.

Connect with Chris.


Since Right Now - The Pod: @itunes | @soundcloud 
SRN Podcast Network: /SRN-ntwrk
Instagram: @therecoveryrevolution
Facebook: /therecoveryrevolution
YouTube: The Recovery Revolution

Re(Pro) #8: Sean Paul Mahoney

Sean is #sparkly and #sober and I adore him!  Technically, we're siblings in pod (him with Sloshed Cinema and me with Bad Story on The Recovery Revolution's Since Right Now Podcast Network) but I've been a bad, bad girl and haven't recorded since February.  Ooopsies!  Anyway, back to Sean.  He's a charming, delightful breath of fresh (glittery) air and I feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing he's got my back and vice versa, even just digitally.  And with that...carry it away, Sean! 

xoxo, Laura

Sean Paul Mahoney

Age: 43

Location: Denver, CO

Recovery date*: January 2, 2009
*turning point for mental illness or addiction

Creative niche (art, music, writing, entrepreneurship, etc.):
Writer/storyteller, ninja level wiseass

If applicable, drug of choice (or not choice...):
Booze, cocaine, anything toxic to make me check out and lots of it, por favor!


From teen drinker and drug experimenter, to 20 something club kid, party goer and party thrower to dive bar regular and daily blackout drinker in my 30's, my use and abuse spans nearly 3 decades. I hit a major bottom in late 2008 which forced me to leave my relationship, change my whole life and get sober.

I was hit with an HIV positive diagnosis at seven months of recovery and really thought that would be a great excuse to go out and get loaded but for some reason I didn't. Since then I've relied on my fellows and a spiritual practice to help me not be a hot drunken mess, one day at a time.

Top 5 Recovery Tools

#5: Other Sober People
Words and advice from people with more time than me still saves my ass 7 and a half years later. I can't do any of this alone and  thankfully I don't have to.

#4: Rest
A lot of time when I think I'm losing my mind, I just need a nap. Listening to my body and resting has saved me from all kinds of stupid decisions.

#3: Walking
Walking clears my head and helps me work out any insane ideas I might have plus there's health benefits too so that's rad.

#2: A Spiritual Connection
No, I'm not a church goer. But I try connect with something bigger than myself thru looking at art or hanging out with animals or listening to the ocean or just meditation for a few minutes.

#1: A Sense of Humor
Laughter and being able to laugh at myself has been the greatest gift of recovery. Yeah getting sober is serious stuff but laughter takes the tension out of the whole thing. I've learned how to use my sense of humor as a way to communicate some dark stuff while actually helping other addicts and alcoholics who are in desperate need of a laugh.