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Re(Pro) #46: Jeff Stevens

Jeff Stevens

Name: Jeff Stevens

Age: 50

Location: St. Louis, MO

Recovery date (turning point for addiction or mental illness): 3/14/1992

Creative niche: Officially an entrepreneur w/some writing potential.

If applicable to your story, drug of choice
Cheap Beer and Cheaper Tequila. Then Mad Dog 20/20.

Your story in a nutshell:

I pretty much drank alcoholically from the very start. I come from a long line of people with this disease. By the time I was 24 I had a DUI, been to jail numerous times and pretty much was a liar and cheater and a thief to everyone I knew. I hit my bottom in FLA and while I had been going to meetings I was still drinking. But on March 14th 1992 the pain got so bad that I did something I hadn't done up until that moment. I asked God for help. I got on my hands and knees in a veil of tears and surrendered. God removed my compulsion to drink right then and I'm grateful all the time it's never returned. I came to learn that this was a spiritual experience right out the Big Book.

That time the SRN boys met up with the HOME gals (aka Holly and Laura) and me. <3.

That time the SRN boys met up with the HOME gals (aka Holly and Laura) and me. <3.

Since then I've lived and experienced recovery in Florida, Chicago, London, St. Louis and traveled all over. I married up. Have two great kids. I built a career in advertising and found so much freedom that I worked on a ton of beer and spirits brands and never had the desire to pick up. I go to meetings, have a sponsor and sponsees and do a weekly recovery podcast at

In 2016 I put together two of short list of skills (beer marketing and not drinking alcohol) into a business called We make NA craft beer. [Editor's note: You can invest in WellBeing! Jeff and his team exceeded their goal of $125-200K - but there's still room for you. Click here for more details.]

Some truths I've found to be true: The more I'm around, the less I know and the 12 steps are probably the simplest and most rewarding spiritual path you will find.


Top 5 Recovery / Wellness Tools:

1) Meetings
2) Yoga
3) Weekly Podcast w/The Boys
4) NA Craft Beer
5) My 3rd step minute mantra: "Take this God, I don't want it."

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Re(Pro) #32: Dana Bowman

I love me some Dana. This woman is hilarious, talented, and a true friend. I feel guilty that it only took me roughly ONE YEAR to post her Re(Pro).  Not sure what happened but suffice it to say, I first heard her on Since Right Now - I believe - and ever since (right then...hehe), I was hooked.  On Dana.  I love you, girl.


Dana Bowman RePro 32

Name: Dana Bowman

Age: 47

Location: Lindsborg, KS

Recovery date (turning point for addiction or mental illness): 1/1/2013

Creative niche: 
Writing. I also have mad fire baton skills.

If applicable, drug of choice:
Wine. The cocktail of mommies. That's kind of sarcastic, but it seems to be the case in my experiences.

Recovery story in a nutshell

Recovery story in a nutshell:
I got married "later in life" at 36 (I know, OLD) and when I had my boys, at 39 and 41 I experienced severe post-partum depression. All of this, paired with some problematic drinking turned into an addiction. I didn't really have a dramatic down turn...just a very slow, sad, aching decline into addiction. My "bottom" was not an arrest or even daily blackouts or sex w/ strangers - I just felt awful and sick and wanted to die. I have a chapter in my book called "I Never Danced on Tables" - which kinda explains how I think a lot of times alcoholics tell themselves, "I am not getting ARRESTED - I am NOT an alcoholic." But, I knew. I could not stop, and I could not keep drinking. So, I finally came clean to my husband and found a meeting and started attending. This was back in 2011. I did relapse, for four days, in 2012, and then got sober on Jan 1, 2013. It's an easy date to remember.

Top 5 Recovery Tools:

1) Meetings

2) Big Book/God/prayer/my HP/daily serenity prayer

3) Honesty - when I don't tell the truth I just wither

4) Humor & Humility (that's two, I know, but how they go together!)

5) Writing

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Re(Pro) #17: Chris Aguirre

Father of The Recovery Revolution (dot online), Chris is a man who needs no real introduction.  
But lucky you, because I'm going to give one anyway. ;)
 You may know him as one of the voices behind the Since Right Now podcast, or the artist behind The Sobriety Collective's logo (and his own edgy website and logo), or The Man Who Recovered Using No Program And Is the Anti-Guru™, or the curator of Recovery Revelations and publisher of I've Never Done This Before by Claire Rudy Foster, or the man behind the SRN Podcast Network (that Bad Story is a part of...).  Get my drift?  


Epic Reunion of #Recovery Revolutionaries, L to R: Chris of  SRN ;&nbsp;Holly Whitaker of  Hip Sobriety  and co-host of  HOME Podcast ;&nbsp;Yours Truly of The Sobriety Collective;&nbsp;Laura McKowen of her  eponymous website ,  Six Mantras for Early Recovery , and co-host of  HOME Podcast ;&nbsp;Jeff and Matt of  SRN .

Epic Reunion of #Recovery Revolutionaries, L to R: Chris of SRN; Holly Whitaker of Hip Sobriety and co-host of HOME Podcast; Yours Truly of The Sobriety Collective; Laura McKowen of her eponymous website, Six Mantras for Early Recovery, and co-host of HOME Podcast; Jeff and Matt of SRN.


Name: Chris Aguirre

Age: 49.9

Location: Right Here.  

 Recovery date (turning point for mental illness or addiction): 9/1/1997*
*happy belated sober-versary, dude!

Creative niche (art, music, writing, entrepreneurship, etc.): All

Drug of choice (or not of choice...): 
Alcohol, cocaine, freebase, ecstasy.


Recovery Story in a Nutshell:
Good, bad, worst, worse, better, best.

Top 5 Recovery Tools:
Hammer, vice grip, awl, carpet knife, blender.

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