Rebecca Szymczak

Bex Szymczak

Name: Rebecca “Bex” Szymczak

Age: 36

Location: Manhattan, NYC

Trademark epithet: Wellness Witch

Sobriety date: 4/15/2007

Creative niche: Tarot and Intuitive Healing

If applicable to your story, substance of choice: Booze

[Sobriety] story in a nutshell:

I identify as sober curious (big shout out to the leader of this movement- Ruby Warrington.) I began my journey in 2017 after struggling with severe anxiety and depression and using alcohol as way to numb the darkness. I utilized the Sober Curious method to examine my relationship with alcohol, which allowed me to experience longer and longer periods of abstinence. This combined with powerful plant medicine ceremonies and meditation have led me to a place where I no longer crave or consume alcohol.

Top 5 Recovery/Wellness Tools:

1) Tarot*

2) Exercise

3) Meditation

4) Alcohol Free Potions

5) My Dog



Connect with Bex

website: www.badassbitchestarot.com